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The body heals itself; Identify the source of stress, remove it, and support healthy function.

So here we are at the end of January, and maybe you're feeling frustrated or like January is the longest month ever. If you feel great, great, keep going. If you need a little support, let's look back and forward to see where you are going and the best route to get you there. Let's look back to the beginning of the year, and if you set a goal or held an intention, connect with "why" you felt that goal or purpose was and is important. Let's next look forward and recognize what has been working and what didn't to start fine-tuning the process.

First, let's get clear that we sometimes need the "what doesn't work" to land on what does. Landing isn't just about intention; it's about being part of the process and having a method. Do you have a plan? It would be best if you were committed to implementing the process to see what truly does and doesn't work for you. You can't just hope for change. You must execute the actions that align with your intention, which aligns with your "why." It won't work long-term until your heart and mind align with what you are doing, no matter how much you try to convince yourself. If you have inner conflict with doing what it takes to get what you want, the heart and the mind are not in alignment; something has to change. Internal conflict inhibits flow. When the heart and mind are in agreement, it's just a matter of time before you manifest your intentions.

When the heart and mind agree, life and our intentions flow much more easily and naturally. Let me give you an example. The other night I was just about to go to sleep, and my son came in to spend some time with me. The fleeting thought crossed my mind that I might be tired tomorrow, but I appreciated spending time with him. Had I felt preoccupied and worried that I would be tired the next day, I would have been distracted and not there anyway. He would feel that energetically, on some level, we all do. The next morning or day, if I happen to feel tired and think about how that choice messed me up, and now I am tired, and no matter how hard I try to get on a good plan, it always fails; that's inner conflict. I wanted to be there the night before and was happy to make that choice to spend time with my son. Suppose I can connect with that and feel fueled by this idea. Great. Even if you can't feel fueled that way, you didn't fail at anything. It means you are getting more clear on your needs. By the way, one late night isn't a big deal when you're on a continuous Wellness plan; more on that in a minute.

Fine-tuning is seeing choices and trying on different thinking and other perspectives. Time spent with loved ones fuels us differently than sleep does. If that thinking doesn't help, you can go to sleep a bit earlier tonight or close your eyes for 15 min instead of scrolling at some point today. It's good to try relaxing into what is, it's a way to avoid feeling overwhelmed, but if you can't, another good option is pranayama. You can fuel yourself with Prana while quieting the mind. You can't do core breathing and think about anything else. It requires your undivided attention. As soon as your thinking goes elsewhere, you know because you are no longer connecting with the different aspects of the breath and Prana (life force). Core breathing reminds us of the most influential and simplest approaches to Wellness, starting again. Sunday, Feb. 5th, 2023, is a full moon; this is another natural reminder built into our lives and a good time to reflect and fine-tune. It is beyond helpful to be able to restart at any time you realize something is not working. Tweak one thing about the plan and start again. Continue to learn from what doesn't work and find another way.

Core breathing, fascia yoga, and by keeping the promises we make to ourselves, we align with inner strength and help bring our mind's focus back to present-moment reality. Being in a continuous process is a more sustainable lifestyle. By making a lifestyle change, you will be less likely to step out and return to habits that are not good for you. When you have a continuous Wellness schedule, one time of this or that will not throw you out of balance; if it does, you'll want to look at that. You might be missing something; maybe something is not working for you, and it's time to fine-tune. The body heals itself when you identify the source of stress, remove it, and support healthy functioning.

Let's finish up with supporting healthy function. Consider adding some bitter foods to support your digestive system. Add lemon water to your morning routine. Arugula, kale, and brussels sprouts added to your meals could help. Check out peppermint, turmeric, and ginger. Simple changes make significant impacts. Let me know what you notice. I love to hear your revelations.

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Spending time with loved ones and lemon water are great reminders for today.

Drema Wellness
Drema Wellness
Feb 01, 2023
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Oh, how I love you.

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