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To cure or to heal, that is the contemplation.

There are a few things on my mind that I am excited to share

with you, but some of them will have to be put aside for now since time is of the essence. These are tumultuous and exciting times. A lot is going on in my world; how about you? Did you notice the shift in the time change? It appears to be a time of significant change astrologically, but that's not my area of expertise, so I will stick with the merging of the season as the main shift I am bringing to your attention and what we can do to align with this natural shift. As we approach this transition, consider how you want to align with this naturally occurring change. You can either align with such an event or not. It will happen either way, but don't be surprised when the momentum shifts.

Flow flows either way with your attunement or not, but wow, what a powerful experience it can be when we align rather than resist or stand down. If you don't know or don't concern yourself because you go with the flow, no problem, that works too. The issue arises when we resist what is and then struggle to figure out what is happening in our lives. And, on some level, that, too, can be a powerful experience. It can help us to be clearer physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. When we oppose how life is flowing, that is a precise time to stop and contemplate what's going on for you; what is your body/mind trying to tell you? What is your resistance trying to convey?

There is never a problem for the part of us that is whole. That's the essential Self; that's the part of us that enjoys any way the wind blows. The other parts, like the body/mind and the parts on the healing journey, are the parts of us trying to help us see, feel, etc., more clearly. Sometimes the best way to know what direction to go is to know what direction you don't want to be going in, and that's where the body/mind reactions come in to help clarify.

And this brings me around to my point of today's blog. The seasons will merge soon, and the spring Cleanse is also coming. The Cleanse is an excellent way to get back to basics, on track, take the step back, and contemplate where you are going on the body/mind level. April 1st is an excellent time to start your Cleanse. (This ain't no fooling around. David Byrne was just on Bill Maher, April fool's day, get it?) Today is March 15th, giving you a few weeks to tone down your caffeine intake slowly. More details will follow next week, such as cost and guidelines, but I wanted to get this idea on your radar so you can start planning. When you plan to do the Cleanse, everything else falls into place around it.

Wellness is about healing and connecting with wholeness. All that is Wellness contributes to curing, but it's not the whole point. People can be cured from one diagnosis or another, one addiction or another, but are they healed? I don't know about you, but I am in this for healing, peace, and being whole and complete. Wellness is a continual unfolding of evolution and involution to embody the essential Self. It's a transformation, and once again, I'd like to remind us that acute illness, physical, mental, or spiritual, is a space that holds the potential for real healing. There are many ways to participate in your healing journey, The Cleanse is an offering I like to make twice a year, and I invite you to join me if you feel inspired to make this Wellness deposit into and on your account. Stay tuned for more details.

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