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Water and the pluses and minuses of calculations

This Wellness Wednesday, let's think about our water intake and the pluses and minuses of calculations.

For this week, measure how much water you drink. During the Cleanse, I recommend calculating half your body weight and drinking that many ounces daily. With that as a guideline for Cleansing or optimal, what makes sense for you, today? I've been drinking 64 oz throughout the day, and I am about 150lbs. I do also drink a couple of glasses first thing in the morning. I had started slacking off on water since the Cleanse, and since I am still trying to get my Body back on track from mold exposure, I decided to look more closely at my water intake. The results; I can feel the benefits of staying on top of my water.

Don't let results go unnoticed; If you also find that you need to drink more water and now that you are measuring your intake and drinking more, you feel better, notice the effects. You will connect the dots if those headaches, skin changes, or constipation come back.

Drinking too much water is the other side of the spectrum, especially at one time. Drinking too much for the individual needs of the Body can be a case when more is not necessarily better; it all depends on individual needs and where the Body is currently; for example, are the kidney's under stress? "More is better" is commonplace nowadays and a tricky concept. More water is for some better, and less is suitable for others. So, what is enough water for you?

That answer can feel even trickier because so much of what we do nowadays comes from some scientific measurement. We get valid information from lab work, but then we want less cholesterol, not more. We learn about our genes and how they function, but we also base decisions on misleading medical studies or advice without data. Even when we take the holistic approach and uncover the root causes of physical and mental imbalances, that information is still only a part of the healing equation. Everything needs to have its place. Remember, we can't measure intuition or the effects of beauty and love when deciding what is right for the Body and Mind. We have a million ways to measure, and we have access to so much information, and let's face it, we are more stressed than ever, from taking tests, waiting for the results, and then deciding what to do with the data. Please don't misunderstand what I am saying.

There must always be a place for the scientific approach, which some scientists call an art. And we must remember our intuition and innate wisdom as reputable resources for knowing what's suitable for us. We can't measure the effects of the preventative things we can do when it comes to Wellness—for example, drinking enough water. While we can use a bottle to measure and find the right amount for "me," we can't count the positive effects of drinking enough water daily.

I'd love to hear what you find.

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