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We don't have to take everything that is given.

Updated: Feb 8

It is interesting to keep talking about what we don't want when we could focus on what we do and what is here now for us to share. Babaji's talk Sunday reminded us to lighten our load by staying free of what we don't want. It's funny that we repeatedly share the things that occurred when we wished they didn't. Babaji drove the point home by asking, "what happens when someone tries to give us something, and we don't take it?"He reminded us that it stays with them. We don't have to take everything that comes our way; we don't have to catch everything thrown in our direction. We begin to travel "lightly" when we focus on things other than what we don't want or who did or tried to. Thank you, Babaji.

Babaji's talk aligned with the readings I chose for Saturday's yoga classes. I read Rubert Spira's The Transparency of things. Rupert writes "Any feeling or patterns... that we're dependent on, the belief that has been exposed, will in due time, naturally dissolve, simply becuase they are no longer nourished by the belief. They die of neglect." It was just so beautiful to me. Partially because that word neglect has had a real charge for me, and to read it this way, wow, it reshaped something.

When something triggers me, I perk up. It's there for me, calling my attention and trying to move through. It was heartwarming to feel the feelings of neglect transformed by these words into the power to release or be free of what doesn't serve. Allowing what doesn't serve to drop away by neglecting it gives us more energy to nourish the parts we want to flourish.

Since the beginning of the year, the theme has been "giving." This week, it continues but focuses on pranamaya kosha - the energy body. We started with "giving" in the nam

e of the body, then the mind, and now in the name of the holy spirit. So how do we fill our cups and have enough to give to others regarding energy? Commitment to oneself. Carve out time for the part of you that gives your body and mind that vibrant glow of resilient flow. Believe it or not, carving out time for pranayama and meditation practices defies time, and you wind up having more of it. In these practices, the body/mind becomes a playground upon which we learn, grow, and enjoy. We heal in motion. Through the liquid light of Pranic flow, the body/mind heals.

I can't leave out fascia yoga and core breathing when writing about pranamaya kosha. These practices are for connecting with the energy body. We start with the experience of midline alignment and Prana. Through core breathing, we play with the affairs of left and right, positive and negative; the body/mind goes on a journey, purifying along the way, creating space (if you will) for Prana to flow. Because we are so much more than what duality has to offer, we return our awareness to the present-moment experience of pure beingness. I

It's a beautiful way to experience your story as it appears in your body's tissue and within the mind's thoughts without getting stuck there, holding on, or pushing anything away. Just as it is, the remnants of your story can be a felt experience and then free to be released. Immediately after, nothing looks different, yet everything feels different, but the long-term effects are a luminous glow that shines from within through the body and mind for you to share with the world.

Rather than this being an act of denying one's experience, it's a practice of allowing without feeling stuck or stagnant. It's integration. It's simmering to the point of tasting a unique deliciousness. As you try to identify the special ingredient you know makes for this most deliciousness, you are too smitten to limit it. Instead, you dip your spoon in again and savor for one more moment.

You can do 15 min of breathing and align for your day; it's all a matter of perspective. Try it. Just like planning your meals ahead of time takes less time than it takes to wing meals, the choices are much better too. Getting up 15 minutes earlier will give you much more time than you realize now.

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