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When giving is complete and reminds us of our wholeness.

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

I want to invite you into a visualization; imagine a time when everything is perfectly balanced. Divine feminine and Divine masculine are balanced, and all is Wellness (forgive me, I can't resist sometimes). Take a moment to feel balanced. Try finding it in your feet if you are standing or your hips if you are sitting.

Then, a desire awakens and forces unite, creating unbroken wholeness; Perfection. Pure Consciousness and Divine Love dance and breathe life into perfection; Divine Consciousness. Balance and unity give birth to a new way, a child of the Divine, the embodiment of perfection. Allow this feeling for a moment, embodying Divine perfection. Try becoming aware of both feet and both hips simultaneously.

Birth and death, endings and beginnings, repeatedly occurring, happening with each breath we take and give. Each moment of our lives is an opportunity to begin again. And it's an invitation to end or release what no longer serves to allow a new pattern to arise out of the stillness deep within the depths of emptiness. Give yourself a breath and feel the expansion in your ribs, the stretch of your diaphragm, and the space around your heart. Within the cave of the heart, the potential is endless.

Endings and beginnings, birth and death, are curious; they catch our attention and give us a taste of impermanence and invite us to connect with our eternal nature. Let's stay present in these times and savor them a bit longer, allowing the balance that may feel like emptiness, not knowing, or nothingness to be the ground upon which you step into this next cycle. Give yourself another breath, and this time focus on the emptiness at the bottom of a very long slow exhalation.

May we immerse ourselves in allowing that state of greater ease to be how we end and begin. Give yourself a breath and feel your full potential. Feel your ribs expand and allow your heart energy to radiate into the vast field of Oneness; you are no longer separate. Feel that. Let your intentions take root, and nurture them daily. We are just getting started.

I'd love to hear how you are welcoming this new year. Has an intention arisen for you yet? Have you yet to tune in and hear the inner callings of your heart's desire? As we enter another complete moon phase, it reminds us of another cycle coming to its fullness. It can be another reminder of the balance between action and inaction; love of Self and love for others.

At first glance, we may think of "love of Self" as balancing how much I give to others and take for myself. Next level transmutation is when giving can stand alone without an opposite; whole, complete, balanced unto itself, without taking. Love of Self returns us to our wholeness, helping us to remember our Divinity on a cellular level. Then, giving to others or supporting myself happens naturally.

Connecting with Self, Love of Self, or returning to wholeness is a way we can alter our DNA. I don't have a study to back up my statement, but I can confirm that everyone I know who has made this connection has felt their life as Divine.

Babaji offered a 2023 message, and it is threefold. For the part of you that lives as though all of the pleasures of life are at your fingertips, the Godself; restraint. For the Demonself; compassion - try putting yourself in the other's shoes. For the Humanself; let us practice the art of giving.

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